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Product Development

Do you have a program that needs a digital platform to engage the people you serve? How about volunteers? Donors? Advocates?

We can help you understand your audience, select cost effective technology, design, and build your app.

Ready to take your app to market? We’ll help you gain traction by getting your influencers to drive participation. We can also help you monetize your investment…ah, the possibilities.

Digital Direct Response

How well is your presence on Web, email, and social media driving revenue growth?

We can help you expand your audience, build, and execute a direct response program that improves performance.

Magic happens when we help you treat social like a direct response medium and coordinate digital activity with direct mail and telemarketing. We get results. If we didn’t, organizations wouldn’t hire us year over year.

Email & Social Studio

Is your stucco yucco? Lots of times we find that people benefit from a quick tuneup of their email and social programs.

We can help with a quick program that overhauls your email templates, social images, and landing pages.

Let our experts design and build your new assets quickly. We’ve got pros who know Kimbia, Convio/Blackbaud Luminate, Salesforce, Salsa, Engaging Networks, Mailchimp, Vertical Response, and Constant Contact.

About Us

We want to change the world for the better. We are a team of strategists, designers, and engineers who bring experience working with venture-backed software startups, innovative agencies, and household name brands.

The team

Peter Genuardi

Founder & CEO

Peter ensures that clients get our best ideas and the right team. While he has worked with T.G.I. Fridays, Wendy’s, Bluestem Brands, Bose, and prAna, he’s most passionate about the work he’s done for St. Jude, the ASPCA, AARP, and Environmental Defense Fund.

Karen Buelter

Senior Project Manager

Karen leads our approach on every project. She helps clients figure out requirements and technical specifications. She brings experience with large-scale marketers including IBM, AARP, and United Health and also start-ups like MeetingLogistiX and Snakkle.com. Karen volunteers with Hope House of Colorado, helping teen moms become self-sufficient and successful.

Olga Heifets

Brand Strategist

Olga’s skill is in understanding the textures of an audience and identifying what’s key in connecting with them. She brings a breadth of experience from her work as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and national, state and local nonprofits. During her time as a consumer researcher, Olga got regular tours of people’s lives, and saw just how utterly fascinating every single one of us truly is.

Andrew Gabron

Vice President, Client Relationships

Andy provides strategic counsel and oversight to our clients. He has helped Fortune 500 firms with e-commerce and worked with nonprofits on digital public affairs and fundraising efforts. Andy has held senior roles at Winning Strategies, DDC Advocacy and Convio.

Kim Nguyen

Creative Director

Kim leads the creative process for interactive experiences and translates requirements into mockups and high fidelity prototypes. Her background includes interactive design and branding for small businesses as well as enterprise applications at NBCUniversal. She loves drawing and her favorite animal is the octopus, the cleverest invertebrate.

Janet Ehlers

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Janet helps clients address core issues with their web presence and email strategy. She thrives on giving our partners measurable results that help turn the dial in a big way. Janet has worked with healthy product companies such as Celestial Seasonings, Rudi’s Organic Bakery and Skirt Sports.

Annette Winther

Vice President, Business Development

Annette helps Strength in Members’ clients develop complete digital marketing and fundraising initiatives. Annette has worked with hundreds of organizations during her tenure at companies including GetActive, Convio, Salesforce.com and the Cleantech Group.

Adriana Difranco

Chief Copywriter

Adriana does words…good​. Her ​writing is clear​, conversational, ​and engaging– ​grabbing​ the reader by the lapels​ and compelling them to act​. Like the entire team at Strength in Members, she ​loves being able to use her craft to make the world a better place. Adriana’s previous gigs include Associate Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather and Creative Group Head at St. John & Partners.

Justin Steele

Software Architect

Justin focuses on building platforms and applications that solve immediate strategic needs, while allowing for quick iteration as a business evolves. His past experiences have had him solving problems in payments, eGift cards, support applications, and even video games.

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